Corsi di lingua per bambini Bologna

In nowadays society knowing foreign languages represents a fundamental requirement in order to attain good scholar, academic and professional results. Attend language courses from a young age is a significant growth opportunity: good mastery of English, French, and any other European or non-European language allows the entrance in multicultural environments and this way also the cultural background expansion of an individual. At the same time, those who stay in Italy even for a few weeks, can transform their stay into an occasion for a better understanding of Italian language and culture.

Out of this introduction comes out the program of language courses and Italian courses for foreigners in C.I.L.F School in Bologna: a vast choice of individual, mini-group, group and private courses, directed to those who desire to learn a new language or consolidate already acquired knowledge with an innovative and stimulating learning method.

Private courses

Directed to adult students, private foreign language courses in C.I.L.F School are based on the main European languages (English, French, German, and Spanish) and non-European (Russian, Chinese and Arabian). According to your personal time schedule and needs you can choose between individual language courses with custom made schedule and frequency, or group, mini-group of two and conversation language courses, for Erasmus students, etc.

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Corsi di lingua inglese a bologna
scuola di lingue bologna

Courses for children and teenagers

Modelled on the needs of youngest students and characterized by an enjoyable, innovative and exciting method foreign language courses in C.I.L.F School address to individual or group during the evening or afternoon: the wide variety of language courses allow to the user to choose the most congenial type of learning according to the level and the personal objects and schedule.

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Courses for Companies

C.I.L.F School offers foreign language courses for companies that aim to improve the language skills of their employees of any level: executives, professionals and employees. Adaptable to the targets, the frequency, the duration and the field’s language immersion (technical language, company’s communication, public speaking, etc…), the language courses for companies, nowadays, consist a fundamental instrument in order to attain better results in terms of business world.

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corsi di lingua all'estero Bologna
Corsi di Italiano per stranieri Bologna

Italian for foreigners

Along with foreign language courses C.I.L.F Schoolorganizes and offers Italian courses for foreigners, directed to private students, workers and students who desire to expand their skills of Italian language. Made by experienced teachers Italian courses for foreigners give the opportunity to transform a stay in Italy into an occasion for personal growth and learning.

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